Main Campus (K-12), 2801 Keystone Road, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
Business Office, 1700 Keystone Road, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
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Solid Rock Community School has implemented numerous measures based on guidance from the CDC and FLDOE to deal with the current COVID-19 crisis. In order to accommodate families, Solid Rock Community School offers options for students to attend on-site in a traditional classroom, participate in flexible virtual learning, or participate in a blended option that includes a mixed schedule. We understand families have different concerns during this time and we want all of our families to make choices that align with their family’s unique needs.

Solid Rock Community School has implemented numerous safety and sanitation procedures to reduce risk and exposure to COVID-19 that will be utilized throughout the school day. We offer small class sizes, hand washing stations in all classrooms, and hand sanitizing units throughout the property. Plexi-glass sneeze guards are utilized in visitor/delivery areas. Screening and temp checks will be taken upon arrival. Factors like face masks and shields will vary based on up-to-date information in our county, but the school is currently stocked with PPP.  Desk shields are being used on all academic desks and tables within the classrooms. Social distancing seating stickers are being utilized in the lunch areas with table seating limited to half capacity.

Above the daily precautionary measures we have set in place, we have also installed and included commercial sanitation measures on our campus. We are installing a UVC air duct disinfecting system that provides a rapid method of utilizing germicidal lamps within the air ducts that is lethal to bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms. Each classroom will be equipped with a medical grade hepa-13 filtration system that is tested to remove 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns. This medical-grade filter catches pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, virus carriers and other tiny airborne particles you can’t see. We are also using electrostatic and ULV disinfecting sprayers and foggers to disinfect and sanitize the classrooms regularly. We have even included copper floor mats to disinfect shoes as people walk on campus.

Solid Rock Community School is offering three distinct learning options for families to make choices that align with the needs and concerns of their family- Traditional School, Virtual School, and Blended School.  We will happily assist parents in choosing the best option for their child/ren.  These options may also be changed as new information is available and risk factors change.

As a school that focuses on health, wellness, and environmentalism, we take the concerns and risks of COVID-19 seriously. The education, safety, and health of our students and school family is the priority.