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Summer Camp

SRCS Summer Camp

There are many different K-12 summer 2016 programs available! Come experience the difference in a Solid Rock’in Summer! Fun, social, and academic summer programs are available for everyone!

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Summer Adventures Camp
Grades: K –12th
Dates: June 6th – July 22th
Time: 9:00 – 3:00
Price: $125 per week or $875 for all 7 weeks
Activities: Weekly theme camps providing a supervised program of specialized activities. Each week will include cooking, water fun, arts and crafts, sports, movies, enrichment and educational activities as well as field trips. Your children can make new friends and have fun over the summer while you can rest assured that they are in a safe and nurturing environment.

Culinary Arts
Ages: 10 and up
Dates: June 6th – June 10thTime: 9:00 – 3:00
Cost: $200 per session
Activities: Come join us for an engaging week of cooking some mad-delicious food and learning the scientific fundamentals of the food you love to eat. Students will have hands-on experience each day in the kitchen.

Glam Girls
Ages: 12 and up
Date: June 27th – July 1st

Time: 9:00 – 3:00
Price: $200 per session (plus supplies)
Activities: This camp will teach girls about make up application, tweezing, skin care, and the latest in fashion and hair styling. Learn about enhancing your natural beauty and becoming a more confident you.

Outdoor Adventures
Grades: 7th – 12th
Dates: Session 1: July 5th – July 8th

Time: 9:00 – 3:00
Price: $200 per session
Activities: Students will learn basic first aid, basic survival skills, how to use a map and compass, hiking, and boating safety while fishing, all while experiencing the great outdoors.

Sports Camp
Grades: K – 6th and 7th – 12th
Date: Session 1: June 20th – June 24th
Session 2: July 18th – July 22nd

Time: 9:00 – 3:00
Cost: $150 per session
Activities: Sports camp will be a highly active camp for our sports enthusiasts. The camp will include a variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and more. The camp will focus on rules, strategies, fundamentals and sportsmanship while having lots of fun!

Teen Boys and Their Toys
Grades: 7th – 12th
Dates: June 27th – July 1st
Time: 9:00 – 3:00
Cost: $250
Activities: Teen boys will enjoy working with adult male mentors while doing things that boys of all ages love including paintball, woodworking, kite building, rocketry, and video games, plus lots of other fun guy stuff!

Grades: 1st and up – choice from programs listed below
Date: July 11th – July 15th

Time: Full day: 9:00 – 4:00; ½ day from 9:00 – 12:00 OR 1:00 – 4:00
Cost: $175 for ½ day program
$320 for full day program

Beginning Robotics (Grades 4th +)
This track is for students with no prior experience building and programming LEGO MINDSTORMS® robots. Beginners start with the basics using tutorials to learn construction methods, programming and become familiar with the various components of the MINDSTORMS system. Once they have mastered the essential concepts, they’ll discover increasingly sophisticated designs by building robots in a series of project-oriented tasks, each designed to improve their design, programming and engineering skills. Students will also be introduced to 3D modeling and printing.

Robotics Maker Track (Grades 4th +)
LEGO® is a great tool for kids to express their ideas but we’re taking it to the next level and showing kids what THEY can make. Students will build robots based on a central theme and enhance them by designing their own parts and 3D printing them. We’ll introduce a new theme each week. As the students build their skills, they’ll have the chance to explore other technology such as Arduino, introductory electronics, CAD design and 3D printing as part of the camp experience.

Competitive Robotics Track (Grades 4th +)
For students interested in a more rigorous program, our competitive track teaches necessary skills for robotics competitions such as FIRST® LEGO League® and the VEX IQ Challenge. Students begin by learning sound engineering techniques designed to help them build more reliable robots and then move on to navigation skills, problem solving, and object manipulation. We’ll end the week with a fun competitive challenge.

Beginning Junior Robotics (Grades 1st-3rd)
Our junior program centers around the LEGO WeDo® robotics sets. Students learn the basics of simple machines and programming by building moving models including animals, silly contraptions, and more. This is a wonderful introduction to robotics that takes kids past simply building and lets them easily control the behavior of their creations by building programs on screen by snapping together action, control and sensor blocks using the intuitive WeDo software.

Junior Robotics Challenge Track (Grades 1st-3rd)
Once junior robotics students have mastered the basics, they’ll be challenged to create models of their own design in keeping with the theme of the camp. These designs can be enhanced with crafts and models 3D printed right there as they watch. For students with an interest in the design process, we’ll introduce them to basic 3D modeling so they can make their own parts. Kids at all experience levels will have an opportunity to participate in robotics activities using > and LEGO WeDo® robots. Some of the challenges offered include Battlebots, The Great Ball Chase, competitive and non-competitive challenges, zip line races, and City of The Future. We offer plenty of different challenges, so kids can attend camp more than once if they wish and not repeat the same activities. Robots, computers, and other camp materials are provided and remain the property of the camp and are not available to be taken home by the children.

Driver Education
Ages: 14 ½ and up
Dates: June 13th – 17th

Time: 9:00 – 3:00
Price: $200 per session
Activities: This course will prepare each student to take and pass the drivers permit test, drug and alcohol test, and street signs test. Students may not sit for the exam until the age of 15.

Grades/Ages: All
Dates: Session 1: June 20th – June 24th on Tuesday and Thursday
Session 2: July 11th – July 15th on Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 1:00 – 3:00
Cost: $125 per session
Activities: Does your child have the worst handwriting ever?! Do you need a forensics expert to decipher it?! If so, our summer camp will help take the stress out of handwriting for children with handwriting difficulties.

Math for High School Credit – Algebra

Grades: 7th – 12th
Dates: June 6th – July 22th on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Times: 9:00 – 12:00
Price: $600 for 7 weeks
Activities: Pre-algebra will be an intensive for-credit class designed to prepare students for their upcoming year of algebra. This course is a blended class combining both classroom teaching and a virtual classroom experience.

Math for High School Credit – Geometry
Grades: 9th – 12th
Dates: June 6th – July 22nd on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Time: 1:00 – 4:00
Price: $600 for 7 weeks
Activities: Geometry will be an intensive high school for-credit class allowing students an opportunity to earn the required geometry credit.

Intensive Math
Grades: All
Dates: June 6th – July 22nd on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 9:00 – 12:00
Price: $450 for 7 weeks
Activities: This course is designed as a review math class for students who struggled with math concepts this year. It will prepare students for the upcoming school year.

Reading Camp
Grades: Beginning Readers
Dates: Session 1: June 20th – June 24th on Tuesday and Thursday
Session 2: July 11th – July 15th on Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 9:00 – 12:00
Cost: $125 per session
Activities: This camp is designed for struggling beginner readers or older students struggling with basic reading skills or reading comprehension. The most important skill learned in anyone’s lifetime is the ability to read and comprehend. It is vital that students struggling to read stay actively reading over the summer. This camp will keep the students excited about reading. Students will read each day and work to develop fluency while increasing comprehension in a motivating and very fun environment.