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Umbrella School

“600” school or “Umbrella” school

A 600 school or umbrella school is generally a private school which has an option available for students who do not attend any or all classes on site at the school’s facility. It is the perfect choice for homeschool families who wish to have the support or guidance of a school and/or academic advisor, but wish to have control of their child’s academics.

Families who sign up under an umbrella school option essentially become “blanketed” or covered by the umbrella school. When a family is covered by an umbrella school, the umbrella school stands between the family and the state in which the family resides. This is very important to a family who does not want to be held accountable to the state for their schooling decisions. Instead, the family is held accountable to the private/umbrella school.

Our umbrella school offers the legal protection of a private school,  curriculum support, academic advisory, and counseling and support services. In addition,  we offer a variety of activities, parties, clubs and and social experiences to our “umbrella” families.

Our umbrella school meets the requirements of the state of Florida in regard to education. Families who are registered under our private/umbrella school are required to meet the guidelines of our school (i.e., families turn in student applications, immunization cards, grades from all classes taken from any location, and attendance records).

Our umbrella school allows the child to receive a diploma from an accredited school. A diploma from an accredited school is important to have when a child starts the college application process. When using Solid Rock Virtual School, families have the option of enrolling in Solid Rock Community School’s accredited private school program as a homeschool student.