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Physical Theater

Physical Theatre – Slapstick, Clown, and Mask

Friday Workshop Rotation 

Physical theatre allows us to explore the art of storytelling and expression through the use of movement.

The first part of this workshop offers an environment to learn and develop skills in slapstick comedy and the creation of physical gags. Students will study physical comedy and clown elements and structures taken from classic cinema figures, such as Charlie Chaplin and Lucille Ball, and use these techniques to develop their own skills in comedic timing and building audience relationships.

The second part of this workshop will explore mask performance, specifically character half-mask. Masks allow students to highlight characters’ attitudes and statuses through their physicality and body language, rather than relying on what characters have to say verbally. By studying a character’s body language, students better understand their own physicality. Performing in a mask allows students to quite literally look at their world through a different lens and create from a fresh perspective.