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Virtual School

SRCS Virtual School allows students who need to work from home the opportunity to continue classes without falling behind. Whether it be due to Covid-19 concerns, health issues, or other issues that make onsite attendance impractical, Solid Rock Virtual School can keep the student on pace and moving forward.

SRCS Virtual School takes place from your home on your computer (we also have loaner Chromebooks if needed). The Virtual School allows students the convenience to work from home and complete their daily coursework anytime during that day, versus following a mandatory bell schedule.

The Virtual School uses prerecorded videos made by that subject’s classroom teacher, coupled with the same coursework that would be completed in traditional school. Virtual School does have limitations with some classroom activities, but it offers additional flexibility. Live, optional Zoom meetings are offered throughout the week so the students can remain in contact with their teachers and classmates.

When able, students may return back to the traditional classroom when the health issue or risk that kept them home has passed. The student will have the same teacher and generally the same course content, whether in the classroom or at home. Although there is no substitute for live, in-person instruction, Solid Rock Virtual School offers a seamless transition from school to home or vice versa. In certain situations, the Virtual School option can literally salvage a student’s academic career.

Not all scholarships allow Virtual School participation, so when in doubt please ask and we will be happy to explain your options.