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SRCS Eat More Plants Save The Planet

Solid Rock Community School, a K-12 private school in Tarpon Springs, Florida is partnering with PlantPure, a company that provides plant-based menu items, to demonstrate how a school can implement plant-based meals. The school leaders are making changes to decrease their environmental footprint on the world and provide staff and students with healthier meal options.

The new food program and school changes have garnered national attention and support. As Amie Hamlin, the executive director of Coalition for Healthy School Food states, “The plans for Solid Rock Community School’s menu transition is at the forefront of school nutrition. The plant-based lunch menu is something that more and more schools are exploring as research shows that most Americans are eating way too much meat, dairy, and processed foods.”

Nelson Campbell, the founder and president of PlantPure Communities, Inc., says PlantPure endorses Michele Fasnacht, the director of Solid Rock Community School for her work to raise awareness about the environment, animal agriculture, and a whole food, plant-based diet and how they are all connected.

And Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, author of The China Study, and featured in the documentary films “Forks Over Knives” and “PlantPure Nation” says, “I sincerely encourage and support Mrs. Michele Fasnacht in her efforts to bring awareness and education to her families about the whole foods plant-based diet…. It is great to see her using her platform to help people change the cycle of old unhealthy habits to create new healthy ones. It is especially gratifying to see this offered to young people.”

Emails were sent to parents explaining the future hopes of a new healthy eating program earlier in the school year. Now, with the PlantPure partnership, SRCS will be a pod location where healthy plant-based meals will be available every day to students or staff interested in plant-based meal alternatives, making this new program even more efficient and sustainable.

Much effort and research are going into the new plan, as SRCS staff recently visited a New York City school that provides plant-based meals to their students. In addition, some students have signed up to participate in an after-school club where they learn about plant-based meals and investigate advocacy issues related to compassionate meal preparation and more.   SRCS plans to offer its families a 5-part evening series class on healthy eating to ensure all families are educated about their mission “Eat More Plants and Save the Planet”.  As Fasnacht states, “We want our students and families to be aware of how diet affects them personally and how it affects the entire planet.”

For more information, please contact Michele Fasnacht at (727) 934-0909.

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Solid Rock Community School is a 501c3 non-profit, tax-exempt, co-educational, skill level based, K-12 private school. Solid Rock Community School caters to a diverse group of students including those who are typical, gifted, or struggle with academic delays, emotional and social differences, autism or other disabilities. Many students who do not fit in the box of traditional education excel at Solid Rock Community School.

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