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SRCS Holds Annual Social Studies Fair

SRCS Social Studies Project Fair

TARPON SPRINGS, FL — Solid Rock Community School recently held its annual Social Studies Project Fair. The project fair is intended to showcase projects which students spent months preparing. Students worked diligently to complete their projects, while the social studies teachers conducted individual biweekly check-ins with students to ensure that all projects were progressing and that any questions were answered.

Such projects allow students the opportunity to express their curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity. While competition is involved, it does not overshadow the primary goal of student learning. The purpose for encouraging students to complete long term projects such as the social studies and science fair projects is to give students the opportunity to research problems and explore these topics in a systematic and scientific way. In addition to research skills, the project required students to integrate and apply the skills they learned in language arts, math, and social studies. Projects were required to be multimodal, meaning there must be a reader/writer section (research paper), oral section (verbal presentation), visual section (Power Point or poster board), and kinesthetic section (interactive game or activity).

Students Andrew Yount, Ashley Wrigley, Logan Pegram, Levi Colgate, Ryan Stewart, Madison Markel, Jake King, Bradley Howe, Hanna Carberry, and Xander Mars were recognized with a plaque and a ribbon for their outstanding execution and creativity of their projects. Solid Rock Community School is immensely proud of each and every student who put forth effort and participated. The turnout for the 2016 Social Studies Project Fair at Solid Rock was amazing beyond belief!

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