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SRCS Amazing Race

TARPON SPRINGS, FL – 10/10/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Tarpon Springs, FL – October 10, 2016 – Solid Rock Community School, a K-12 private school located in Tarpon Springs, FL, will hold its annual school-wide event, The Amazing Race, on October 28, 2016.

Much like the reality TV show of the same name, participants are placed on a team and given a number of tasks to complete with the goal of finishing them first.  However, Solid Rock adds its own twists to make the event more challenging and meaningful. Each team is randomly composed of one high school student who is placed into a leadership position and three to four additional students ranging from elementary to middle school.  The teams are inclusion based meaning that all school members, regardless of differences or disabilities, are placed on teams and given an equal opportunity to participate.

The tasks are designed in such a way that each member of each team plays a vital role in the completion of the race, pushing every individual to do their best and support their teammates. For example, some tasks are specifically for certain members of the team such as the youngest or tallest player. Other tasks require that the entire team work together. These tasks can be anything from solving math problems to jump roping as an entire team to walking on stilts. Behind the excitement of the day, students are learning something much more important on a deeper level.  Students learn to communicate, cooperate, think outside the box and problem solve.  They learn to do this with people of different ages, abilities, and personalities.

For the students and staff at Solid Rock Community School, the competition is less about winning and more about fellowship, cooperation, and celebrating the unique strengths that each child has. Students work as a team regardless of differences in age, peer groups, as well as physical and emotional ability. It is an amazing and beautiful thing to watch and always full of surprise.

Michele Fasnacht, the founder of Solid Rock Community School, created the race for this very reason. It is one of her favorite events, of which she says, “The Solid Rock Amazing Race is my favorite event held each school year.  Watching the high school students be positive, compassionate, inspiring team leaders with a diverse group of students they don’t necessarily know is a beautiful and powerful thing.  In a world full of division this event reminds us that the power of inclusion, acceptance and tolerance is in our hands.  We can raise children to integrate or segregate, to bully and fight or love and accept. We can raise our children to live in this world as it is or to be strong leaders and good citizens that step up and make a difference. The Solid Rock Amazing Race is a tool we use to teach and remind our students of these important and essential qualities that they each possess. The acts of kindness and demonstrations of support and leadership during this event always leaves me inspired and hopeful, as these are the children of our future.”  

Numerous prizes are given which include fastest time for the first three teams to complete the race, but the most important awards are given to individuals and teams who are chosen for showing excellent sportsmanship, creativity, teamwork, and encouragement. The Amazing Race not only shows the value and strength in the relationship of its students, but allows Solid Rock’s philosophy of inclusion, community, and teamwork to shine through and speak for its self.

The students and staff as Solid Rock Community School are eagerly awaiting the camaraderie and fun that October 28th will hold!

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Solid Rock Community School is a 501c3 non-profit, tax exempt, co-educational, skill level based, K-12 private school. Solid Rock Community School caters to a diverse group of students including those who are typical, gifted, or struggle with academic delays, emotional and social differences, autism or other disabilities. Many students who do not fit in the box of traditional education excel at Solid Rock Community School.

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