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Solid Rock Community School Launches Plant-Based Lunch Program


Solid Rock Community School Launches Plant-Based Lunch Program

With its “One Meal a Day,” initiative, Solid Rock Community School is nourishing both the brains and bodies of its students.

SOURCE Solid Rock Community School, Inc.

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla., Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With its “One Meal a Day,” initiative, Solid Rock Community School is nourishing both the brains and bodies of its students.

Michele Fasnacht, founder and director of Solid Rock Community School, looked around the cafeteria and noticed that many of the lunches students were bringing in were full of unhealthy foods rather than those that truly nourish the body. With the support and assistance of numerous doctors like Pediatrician Dr. Jefferey Hirschfield of Lifestyle Medicine Wellness Partners, Doctors Angela and Koushik Reddy of the Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement, Dr. Colin Campbell Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University (featured on the documentary Forks Over Knives) and Dr. Micheal Klaper, a well-known clinician and internationally-recognized teacher and speaker on diet and health she began to educate the students about healthier ways to eat.

Fasnacht, also a health coach and educator, was excited to present the students with low-fat, cholesterol-free, nutritious lunches “One Meal a Day” during school weeks. “One plant-based meal a day would be an amazing start in healthier eating habits,” says Fasnacht.

Solid Rock Community School is the first school in Florida and one of the first schools in America to offer a full plant-based kitchen featuring fresh, plant-based food made onsite by their very own chef. Just because they’re plant-based or healthy doesn’t mean they’re boring either. Just a few of Solid Rock Community School’s food options include smoothies, fresh juices, bean tacos, veggie burgers, rice and veggie curry dishes, pasta and marinara sauce, chili and cornbread, fruit salads, full salad bar, hearty soups, and fresh baked pastries. The students of Solid Rock are, quite literally, eating them up!

Not only does Solid Rock offer only plant-based healthy foods to its students but they also provide a water station infused with goodies like watermelon and mint for example. “The students are trying new things and expanding their palate,” says Fasnacht.

Student Sierra Moyer, says “I no longer have to pack my own lunch and it’s much healthier than what I was bringing. The food is actually really good. My favorite is the veggie quesadillas. I am now eating healthier foods at home and my mom is also following along.”

Parent Windy Dayock says, “I’m so blessed that SRCS introduced me to this way of life. I’m so happy I made this change. It’s not something for many that happens overnight, it’s a journey. One year later I’m all in and just makes sense. Actually, it makes no sense the way I ate a year ago. I’m so very thankful for the healthy family classes! It forever changed my family for the better”.

Fasnacht says, “If the education we provide and the plant-based food we serve can have a positive impact on our students or families in the first year, imagine what an impact it can have in the future.”

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