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Solid Rock helps each student reach their full personal potential by focusing on their strengths and using their own unique gifts to encourage and motivate them. Their self esteem and confidence develop while building a foundation for future successes.

Each academic year, every student will complete a level of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, plus electives, to provide a robust educational experience. All courses will be at levels appropriate for the student’s academic skill level, while allowing those in high school to earn the credits needed for graduation.

The Solid Rock Community School academic administrators tailor class schedules to students’ unique abilities and interests. Small class sizes, regular assessments, and review weeks ensure that no student gets left behind. The “left behind” quote is used by many educational institutions, but our approach and philosophy to education ensure it.

Solid Rock Community School teachers are required to utilize experiential, multi-modal, and traditional teaching in all of their lessons. The use of games, contests, field trips, videos, computers, virtual classes, experiments and special events are used to bring the lessons to life.

The Academic Advisor will work closely with high school students and their parents in planning for the student’s future educational and career goals. Inclusion of dual enrollment, internships, volunteer work, and community outreach will broaden the student’s educational, career, and personal growth opportunities.

Solid Rock Community School uses a variety of textbook and curriculum publishers to offer our students the most effective, quality, and up-to-date resources.

Solid Rock views academics quite differently than most schools. We have two very unique concepts-

1. Skill-Level-Based Education- We at SRCS look at each student as an individual, recognizing they have strengths and weaknesses in all areas. Through a variety of assessments we will evaluate each new student to determine the most appropriate class placement for him or her. Skill level education leaves out the gaps, boredom, or frustration typically experienced by students who have been placed in inappropriate classes. This is ideal for gifted or learning challenged students!

2. Mastery-Based Education- Through regular assessments given at the end of each quarter, we confirm each student is progressing at an acceptable pace. We provide multi-modal evaluations each quarter and a cumulative assessment every semester. Students struggling with concepts taught in class are invited to attend tutoring during review weeks or before or after school. This ensures that no student is left behind.