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Solid Rock Community School provides a weekly-school wide assembly on Fridays. Most Friday mornings, assembly is held from 8:30am-9:30am. Assembly is a school version of a chapel services featuring a mix of music, speakers, documentaries, videos, and performances all related to a central theme of compassion.

Compassion is defined as the sensitivity to end another’s suffering and the will to free the other from that suffering. It clearly is the opposite of cruelty, self-centeredness and selfishness. Qualities of compassion are patience, wisdom, kindness, perseverance, warmth and resolve.

At SRCS we hope to inspire and encourage our students to expand their circle of compassion and to make choices in alignment with this value. Family members and guests are always encouraged to join us!

Some Fridays, Assembly may be a special event such as a Science Fair, Social Studies Fair, pep rally or school party that may be hosted on or off campus.

Theme for 2020: Compassion Project (details coming soon)