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Special Needs

Solid Rock Community School has a variety of options for students with exceptionalities and differences. SRCS will accept students with disabilities and special needs- emotional, social, and educational- who can be served within our population.

Upon application and assessments, the student’s needs will be identified. The student will be placed in classes based on his or her academic, social, and emotional levels. While most of our students with special needs fit nicely into the structure of our traditional classes, some may be better served in a specialized classroom. The student’s schedule and services are customized for the individual child.

Many of our staff members have additional credentials  in special needs and autism. All of our staff receives ongoing training and support in the areas of inclusion and learning differences. Our team of professionals collaborates to ensure the needs of the whole child are being met.

Solid Rock offers therapies for qualified individuals including speech and language, occupational, and physical. Peer group counseling and team building opportunities are utilized for students who will benefit from additional social support. Tutoring is available when additional academic support is needed.

Solid Rock Community School is very proud of our inclusive environment serving such a diverse population. It is amazing to see how our population works and plays together. Our program teaches acceptance, compassion, and tolerance of all individual differences.

The Solid Rock Community School atmosphere offers a family feeling that is nonthreatening and safe to students. We are happy to provide parent references so you can learn for yourself the difference Solid Rock has made in their child’s life.