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Health and Wellness

Solid Rock Community School takes the health and wellness of our students seriously by offering classes and special assemblies that focus on living a healthier lifestyle.

We offer health and wellness classes, workshops, and assemblies, many of which are led by health coaches and doctors discussing topics like healthy eating, healthy living, fitness, nutrition, and self-care. It’s important to develop good habits at an early age. We want to give our students the best chance to live a healthy life.

Healthy eating is part of our typical day with our “One Meal a Day” program. Students learn the importance of including fresh, plant-based foods in their diet, and why these nutrient-dense foods are important for optimal human health.

Self-care is not an indulgence. Self-care is a discipline. It requires tough-mindedness, a deep and personal understanding of priorities, and a respect for both yourself and the people with whom you choose to spend your life.

Physical activity and fitness are necessities for healthy living. We keep our students physically active through a variety of free play, organized play, PE, yoga, stretching, and recreational and competitive sports programs. Exercise helps with executive functions like sequencing, memory, and prioritizing, which contribute to necessary skills for success in school and life. Physical activity produces endorphins that regulate mood, pleasure, and pain. An elevated mood can contribute to an “I can do it” attitude, which goes a long way as students approach new tasks as challenges.

Solid Rock Community School is a certified Calm Classroom school. Calming activities are introduced in the classroom by integrating breathing, stretching, focusing, and relaxation techniques so students will develop emotional resilience and self-regulation skills. The result is a calmer, more engaging classroom environment. We are committed to cultivating peaceful classrooms by empowering students with the tools they need to support mental and emotional well-being.

Additionally, we offer evening “Healthy School, Healthy Families” classes to our parents, featuring guest speakers, documentary screenings, food samplings, and food demos so our parents can learn healthier living skills too. A healthy family is a wealthy family!